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EMDR Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing 

What is EMDR? 

EMDR Therapy is a type of psychotherapy that supports the resolution of symptoms and distress related to disturbing or upsetting life experiences. The brain is designed to heal, just as your body knows how to heal a cut. Blocks in your ability to process distressing memories, just like blocks in a cut, prevent your brain from resolving the emotional wound. Removing the block to processing allows healing to occur. 

Want to learn more about EMDR Therapy? 

What is EMDR? Article

Getting Past Your Past By Francine Shapiro 

Is EMDR Therapy for Me? 

Although EMDR therapy is most known for the treatment of trauma, it has been shown to be effective for. a wide variety of symptoms and concerns, especially when there are underlying trauma or distressing memories. 

In my practice, I have found success using EMDR following car accidents, childhood abuse, sexual assault, self esteem issues, anxiety, sleep related challenges, and more. 

I am happy to discuss your current concerns and explore whether or not EMDR might be a fit. 

What's the eye movement part? 

EMDR uses bilateral stimulation (i.e. alternating sides) to create "dual attention" as the client will focus on both the external stimulus as well as the internal distressing memory. Eye movements, guided either by hand or a light bar, are most often used and researched, but tapping and auditory stimulation can be used as well. 

Specialized Trainings Completed 

EMDR Certified   I have completed the additional requirement to become Certified in EMDR, including but not limited to 12 additional CEU's in EMDR and 20 additional hours of consultation with an EMDR Consultant. 

EMDR Basic Training , Weekend 1 and 2; with Alicia Avila at the EMDR Institute 

Memory Reconsolidation, The Flash Technique and EMDR; with Philip Manfield at the EMDR Institute 

Traumatic Attachment to a Perpetrator using EMDR Therapy; with Roger Solomon and Onno Van der Hart at the EMDR Institute 

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