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EMDR Consultation 

As an EMDR Consultant-In-Training, I offer EMDR Consultation for those currently engaged in Basic Training (level 1 and 2), those pursuing EMDR Certification**, and those who simply want additional support utilizing EMDR within their practice. 

I offer consultation in both individual and group format. 


**Please note, as a Consultant in Training, I can only sign off on 15 of the 20 hours needed for Certification in EMDR 

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I cannot begin to thank Jesse enough, we talked over the phone on a Friday afternoon, when I was just about to give up on being a clinician. By Monday, I was passionate about helping others once again and ready to start seeing clients in my own private practice. She broke down step by step what had been helpful to her in beginning her own practice in such a way that was not overwhelming and completely manageable. She continues to check in with me as my practice is in its beginning phases. Ultimately, she was able to revive a confidence in myself, which has been truly priceless.

--C.V. LMFT 

Where Do I even Begin?

Feeling stuck about how to get started? 

Lost in a sea of resources but don't know what's legit? 

Feeling overwhelmed? 

Let's Talk! 

Schedule a one-on-one consult to learn about how I went from my agency job, feeling burnt out and underpaid, to working 4 days a week and loving every minute of it. 

Being a therapist doesn't have to be this way! 

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