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Meet The Team


About Jesse: 

I am passionate about supporting people in discovering and living their truest potential. I believe that within us all is a person who is more resilient than we can imagine and is designed to heal. I look forward to helping you along that path. 

Outside of the therapy room, I volunteer with Bay Area Women Against Rape as a Certified Sexual Assault Crisis Counselor and explore Bay Area beaches with my dog. 


MS Psychology from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 

BS Psychology from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 

CA Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #115587

OR Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #T1899

EMDR Certified 
EMDR Consultant in Training 


About Eva: 

My name is Eva and I am an associate therapist who’s ready to help you cultivate loving, fulfilling, and authentic relationships (including the one with yourself).


My playful, candid, and compassionate style creates a safe space where you can share the intimate details of your life. I work experientially using the expressive arts, acceptance therapies (ACT), parts work (IFS), felt senses, and trance states to resource the body's innate capacity to heal. For these reasons, I work really well with folks who have not had success in traditional therapy. If the above speaks to you, please reach out.

 +1 510-747-8343

Associate Marriage And Family Therapist

AMFT #133839

Supervisor: Jesse Westfall, LMFT 

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