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EMDR Intensives 

If you aren't already familiar with EMDR intensives, they are a way of providing substantial treatment for trauma in a shorter period of time.


This can be effective for people who have limited ability to meet on a consistent basis, are on waitlists for treatment, have a time limited need (e.g. fear of flying and an upcoming trip), recent trauma, and many other reasons. It can also be useful for clients who are already in individual therapy but would benefit from EMDR as the format decreases potential for splitting and confusion in the therapist relationships.

I offer EMDR intensives in a number of formats. 

  • EMDR Weekend intensive:

    • Prescreening and preparation call

    • Three 90 min EMDR sessions (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

    • One 50 minute follow up session (typically two weeks later)

    • Follow-up treatment recommendations and referrals as appropriate

  • 90 min EMDR sessions  

  • 3 hour EMDR sessions 

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